Personal Data Management Tools

Bookmarklets to help you manage your personal data on social media.


We're open source on GitHub (or just "View Source" this page!)


Drag the links to your bookmarks toolbar to "install," then navigate to the relevant page and click the bookmarklet to use it.

You must be logged in to your account. The bookmarklets do not collect any data, only help to click buttons in your browser. They will delete your data in the same way that you would with manual clicking. The data will not be backed up or recoverable via the bookmarklet.

Bookmarklets and Content Security Policy

Some browsers block the use of bookmarklets with the intention of protecting users from malicious scripts. Firefox is one of these. You can still use these bookmarklets by pasting the code into your browser console, or by using an add-on such as the bookmarklets context menu.


Delete all your tweets older than a certain number of hours
  • Works on your Twitter profile page: username
  • A pop-up prompt will ask you to input the hours, e.g. "24"
Uncheck all of your "Interests from Twitter"


Delete all your LinkedIn posts
  • Works on: username/detail/recent-activity/
Delete all your LinkedIn messages
  • Works on:
Delete all your LinkedIn connections
  • Works on:["F"]
  • You can apply additional search filters as desired before using bookmarklet